Swansea Co-production Network

Sail members are involved in working co productively with individuals and groups and working on programs that help our members live independent lives

This has led to a variety of programs we are beginning to work co productively on and includes

  • Social worker assessment and training
  • Direct payments
  • Developing coproduction on the physical and sensory disability strategy
  • Independent professional advocacy

All these programs are at differing stages as we all tackle together the opportunities that exist from the Social Services and Wellbeing Act.

If you want to find out more information about the legal stuff that highlights our rights and the need for everyone’s involvement, check out our legal stuff  links and pages ( we are developing ).

SAIL working with Western bay regional partnership board

A number of SAIL members are working with project teams organisation and individuals to help develop better ways of communicating information and the standards we should all expect when western bay sends out information

It will enable everyone who wants to take part find out about:

  • what western bay is
  • how they can get involved
  • reasons why you should bother

This is a work in progress so If you want to find out more please check up Western Bay website and Youtube channel.

Independent living in Swansea 'Co-produced'

SAIL CIC are working together with Swansea Social Services to plan, develop, deliver and monitor the Independent Living Team  by:

  • Developing a bank of Personal Assistant/support workers.
  • Training people and taking an active part in Social support.

Disabled People are the experts in their support services.

Working in Co-Production in this way gives us responsibility of how services are being run.

Planning Together Project

In 2013 SAIL were successful in gaining Lottery Funding to be involved in the Swansea Healthy City portfolio, our project was called ‘Planning Together’. We worked together with Service providers such as City and County of Swansea. SAIL are now involved in the Commissioning, planning and evaluation of appropriate services in our own lives.

SAIL members have learned that Co-Production of our support services gives us, as disabled people, a responsibility for how things are run and a greater value in setting time and agendas of meetings we attend. Co-Production is about sharing skills and power equally. Disabled People are experts in their own lives and services, this is recognised in Co–production.

For more information see the  Planning Together Video’  below.

Andrew Hubbard (2018)

With English subtitles

With Welsh voice over