The Story of Swansea Association Independent Living (SAIL) Community Interest Company (CIC).

Independent Living, choice and control of our lives can only be in the hands of Disabled People.

Nothing about us without us.

In 2007 seven Direct Payment users and champions of Independent Living came together and formed SAIL.

The Purposes of The Group are:

To establish and develop an Association of disabled people for Independent Living in Swansea and the surrounding areas that will:

  • Promote Independent Living for all disabled people based on the Social Model of Disability.
  • Provide a range of services that will enable and empower disabled people to access equality of opportunity (e.g. information and advice, advocacy and peer group support, employment and training opportunities, transport, leisure and social activities).
  • Promote choice, control and self-determination for disabled people.
  • Promote the voice of disabled people.
  • Maintain and develop partnerships with all existing groups of disabled people and appropriate services in the development of SAIL.

SAIL has intended to avoid Charity Identity and any negative image that sometimes can attend, therefore SAIL chose to become a Community Interest company in 2013, having Directors and rather than Trustees.

In 2013 SAIL were successful in gaining Lottery Funding to be involved in the Swansea Healthy City portfolio. We worked together with Service providers such as City and County of Swansea. SAIL are now involved in the Commissioning, planning and evaluation of appropriate services in our own lives.

SAIL members have learned that Co-Production of our support services gives us, as disabled people, a responsibility for how things are run and a greater value in setting time and agendas of meetings we attend. Co-Production is about sharing skills and power equally. Disabled People are experts in their own lives and services, this is recognised in Co–production.

For more information click on the following link to watch our Planning Together Video
Andrew Hubbard (2018)