Swansea Association Independent Living CIC

SAIL was formed to ensure that all disabled people in Swansea and surrounding areas live as independently as they choose.

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Welcome To SAIL

Who we are

SAIL is run entirely by disabled people for disabled people and we are working to remove the barriers preventing disabled people from living full and independent lives.

As disabled people, we believe that it is our environment, poor policies, and services that cause disability and not medical impairment or health conditions.

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What we are about

SAIL believes that disabled people are the experts in how to lead fulfilling independent lives.

To be Independent our voice needs to be heard and we need choice and control of the support and services we all need to have so we can lead an active life in our community.

SAIL provides the essential involvement of disabled people as a voice and monitor of public sector services.

Video: Planning Together

In 2013 SAIL were successful in gaining Lottery Funding to be involved in the Swansea Healthy City portfolio. We worked together with Service providers such as City and County of Swansea. SAIL are now involved in the Commissioning, planning and evaluation of appropriate services in our own lives.

SAIL members have learned that Co-Production of our support services gives us, as disabled people, a responsibility for how things are run and a greater value in setting time and agendas of meetings we attend. Co-Production is about sharing skills and power equally. Disabled People are experts in their own lives and services, this is recognised in Co–production.


Glad you could be there!

At our Positively Empowering Swansea’ event WE were so pleased you could make it! Swansea Association Independent Living (SAIL) CIC would like to take this opportunity to say an enormous THANK YOU to all who attended our ‘Positively Empowering Swansea’ event at the Liberty Stadium Swansea on Wednesday 12th February 2020. Special thanks go to the Lord […]

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